Tennis In The Forest

Serve your aces amidst the serene backdrop of lush greenery surrounded by rustling trees and melodious birds.

Manicured Pocket Gardens

If you choose to relax in the evenings, take a stroll to the Manicured Pocket Gardens located in various spots in the enclave.

Water Edge

Enjoy cool evening strolls along this mini lake with shimmering ripples of the water surface.


Note: Pay-per-use fees may apply
Professional Concierge Services

There to assist with travel arrangements that include flight bookings, hotel reservations, theatre tickets and more.

Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

If keeping your house clean is a chore, you can call on professional housekeepers and cleaners to have it done for you.

Laundry Service

Have your laundry taken care of every week. This hassle-free, door-to-door service will free up your time.


Nurse/Caregiver Services

To ensure your wellbeing and safety, a range of services is available including in-residence care/nursing, paramedic check-ups, basic first-aid, and even full-time care from one to 24 hours, daily.

Wellness Programmes

Enrol in Wellness Programmes designed to keep you healthy while having fun and giving you the chance to socialise. Classes include yoga, dance, aerobics, gardening, cooking, and even special interest evenings.

Healthcare Services

Assisting you with a host of medical services such as visits to the doctor, dentist, optometrist, and chiropractor. We can arrange to transport you to and from your appointment safely at your doorstep.

If you choose so, we can also have your medicine or supplements from your chosen pharmacy delivered right to you.


This private clubhouse is the perfect place for the family to gather and relax, meet up with friends over some drinks or simply have some ‘me-time’.

  • Gymnasium for those who want to sweat it out
  • Swimming pool that overlooks a soothing Water Edge mini lake
  • Spa centre for wellness treatments
  • Mini theatre to catch box-office movies
  • Small function room for games & group activities
  • Reading room for some quiet reading